The first Fall 2014 meeting of the Performance Studies Working Group will take place on September 2, from 1-2pm.

We will be meeting in the Whitney Humanities Center in Room 208.

Please come join us for lunch and a stimulating presentation and discussion!

Figure 2 HMS Perseus

Mary Isbell - Amateur Stages: Nineteenth-Century Theatricals on Land and at Sea

January 16, 2014
Amateur Stages recovers the “theatrical” as a distinct type…
bolden band

La Marr Jurelle Bruce - 'Inversions of the World': Madness, Blackness, and Radical Creativity

January 16, 2014
“‘Inversions of the World’: Madness, Blackness, and Radical…

Elise Morrison - Discipline and Desire: Surveillance, Feminism, Performance

September 5, 2012
  Discipline and Desire: Surveillance, Feminism,…
Imperial Balls: the Arts of Sex, War and Dancing in India, England and the Caribbean, 1800-1850

John Cooper - Imperial Balls: An Art History of Sex, War, and Dancing in India, England, and the Caribbean

August 29, 2012
Nautch dancing in Lucknow and Calcutta The Anglo-Indian word nautch derives…

Lynda Paul - Sonic Vegas: Live Virtuality and the Cirque du Soleil

August 29, 2012
My current work addresses the role of music and sound in…